About Shana


My name is Shana Naylor and I was not always motivating people to take control of their life, and their future. I did not have someone to guide me, but I had to find my own way. As a single mother of the most adorable girl, Key, I had to overcome countless challenges in my life.

However, I did not allow the challenges to overpower me and push me down because each time they did; I got back up, becoming stronger each time. I am thankful to my support system—my father who pushed me to become a real estate agent.

After I conquered my struggles, I wanted to help others defeat theirs as well because I knew that there were others like me who were still stuck in a sticky situation, unable to pull themselves out.

With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Texas Woman’s University, I added the titles of a certified Life Coach, a certified Professional Trainer, and a certified Christian Counselor to my list of accomplishments.

That’s was years ago, as I have been counseling and speaking to people through my words for more than 15 years. Since then, I have founded “The Real Single Moms Club” and launched Sifting Beyond Normal, a coaching and training company, in 2016.

I have worked with companies to train their employees, from new levels to C hires, and have spoken to large crowds, telling them to take control of their future by starting with their vision of success.

Through my Control Freak online training program, I want to provide with the same knowledge and techniques that I used to achieve my success. My online training program targets women, entrepreneurs, and single parents who want to adopt positive habits to help them achieve their professional goals.